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Harrop takes new LTM

Electrician Ken Harrop went to a plant auction to buy a generator. He came back with a crane. And so began the story of a successful hire business that has just brought on board its second Liebherr 30-tonner.


The company, Warrington-based Ken Harrop Crane HireLtd, has built its reputation on having a personal touchits competitors can’t match and see the LTM 1030-2.1 model as the ideal machine to contribute to thatuniqunes.


These days the business is headed by Ken’s son Jack and he opted for a fly jib, vario base and remote control for the latest crane, which will be employed on a variety of interesting lifting duties.


Harrop runs a number of all-terrain and truck-mounted cranes and operates throughout the north-west of England.


Jack Harrop, Director at Ken Harrop Crane Hire, commented: ‘Our first LTM 1030-2.1 has proven to be a very reliable machine. As the lightest crane that Liebherr produce it provides many benefits especially with the increasing emphasis on low outrigger loadings, hence we have opted for the same model again.


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