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Tutt Bryant orders 2 new groves for major LNG project

A large and varied fleet of Grove all-terrain cranes worked on the second stage of a major turnaround project at one of the world’s largest, most complex LNG processing facilities – the INPEX-operated Ichthys LNGM processing facility near Darwin in Australia’s Northern Territory. For the first stage of the turnaround, nationwide fleet hire and logistics solutions provider Tutt Bryant Heavy Lift & Shift sent a fleet of mobile cranes, mostly made up of Grove all-terrain cranes. Then for the second stage of the work, it sent an additional GMK6400 and GMK5250XL-1 to support operations.

As with the first stage, Manitowoc supplied 24/7 onsite technical support with two senior technicians who provided full-time coverage on a rotating basis. In addition to the new arrivals, the existing Grove fleet on the job was a mix of four-, five- and six-axle all-terrain models. A 90 t GMK4090 plus two 100 t GMK4100L-1 units; a 95 t GMK5095, 130 t GMK5130-2, and 150 t GMK5150L; plus two 300 t GMK6300L cranes.

“We carefully selected this fleet to provide a good mix of capacities for maximum flexibility, with their class-leading boom lengths providing optimized access to all areas of the plant,” said Rob West, senior divisional manager at Tutt Bryant. “We added the new models for extra capacity, fleet refreshment, and to provide more versatility. The long-boom GMK5250XL-1 means it can take on work where we previously relied on larger cranes. We purchased the GMK6400 because we knew we could use it for some heavier tasks, but we also knew we’d get good utilization from it in the future.”


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