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Triple Tadano for Niessen

When NKS Niessen Kranservice Managing Director Alexander Niessen picked up the first of his two new Tadano AC 4.110-1 all terrain cranes back in the late summer of 2022, he predicted that it would definitely not be the last Tadano in his fleet – and his prediction has been proven right: At the end of the year, NKS NiessenKranservice was once again present in Lauf, but with Sebastian Niessen, to take

delivery of a new Tadano AC 4.070L-1. This will then be followed by the second AC 4.110-1 in the spring/summer of this year: “As far as we’re concerned, everything about Tadano is perfect for us: The service is excellent, the quality of the products is beyond reproach, and even the price–performance ratio is perfect. That’s why we decided to get another Tadano after the AC 4.110-1, except this time around it’s an AC 4.070L-1,” he explained when picking up the new machine. Both cranes were handed over by Tadano Sales Manager Manfred Drößer.

When it came to the equipment for its new Tadano AC 4.110-1, NKS Niessen went with all the bells and whistles and prepared it optimally for an extremely wide range of applications: A runner with a 2nd winch for rotating prefab concrete elements, additional floodlights for optimally illuminating work areas, and even the full gamut of counterweight options – with the nine-piece additional counterweight of 27.4 tonnes, the Tadano AC 4.110-1 can reach its maximum counterweight of 30.4 tonnes.

The crane experts from Mönchengladbach mention the 52.1-meter-long main boom, with which the crane can lift upto 5.8 tonnes at its full boom length, as the foremost reason to get the AC 4.070L-1. Other plus factors for Alexander and Sebastian Niessen included the innovative AML-F crane control system and the flexible counterweight splitting system, which makes it possible to get axle loads of 10 tonnes. And last but not least, the cranes feature the Smart Chart system: Whenever a job site makes it impossible to extend all outriggers fully or work with the full counterweight, the Tadano Smart Chart enables the operator to take advantage of the cranes’ maximum available lifting capacity. To achieve this, the system expands the customary circular work area as a function of the selected outrigger configuration, significantly increasing available lifting capacity: A longer radius with the same maximum load or a greater maximum load with the same radius.

“These two Tadanos have already put us in a perfect position to take care of our concrete construction, assembly work, and large crane erection projects,” Alexander Niessenhappily says about his new acquisitions.

On top of all this, the company will be picking up its second AC 4.110-1 in Lauf later this year.


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