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Swiss skyline changed by Potain 🏗️ 🏗️🏗️🏗️

Swiss real estate and construction services company Implenia has rented four Potain top-slewing tower cranes from local dealer Stirnimann for the Central Malley project in Lausanne. This project is a new eco-district to meet environmental challenges and promote energy autonomy, including 23,700 m2 of offices, 200 housing units across 14,700 m2 and 3,800 m2 of commercial space.

Implenia approached Stirnimann for its effective customer service as a Potain dealer since 1986. Based on precise specifications and lifting requirements, Stirnimann proposed the most suitable crane types and configurations for the site, while also providing valuable input on installation. This close collaboration extended to the client's design office, ensuring a holistic and tailored approach.

“Several factors make this a complex and unique project with building heights reaching 80 m and the location of two towers close to the SBB railway. For these reasons, we needed a reliable partner in whom we could have total confidence in terms of skills and professionalism. The understanding with Stirnimann employees was the icing on the cake,” said Florian Lamy-Rousseau, project manager at Implenia.

Michel Jérôme, technical manager at Stirnimann, added: “Implenia and Stirnimann have worked hand in hand to meet the project’s diverse requirements. The collaboration in designing and assembling the cranes has been a pleasure.”

Stirnimann’s solution included one Potain MDT 308 and three MDT 389 top-slewing tower cranes equipped with cameras, the Potain Top Tracing 3 interference system, the new Potain CONNECT telematics system, and aviation lighting.

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