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⛔️ Strange looking man riding cage⛔️

You would be forgiven in thinking this was in some 3rd world country with zero safety rules but sadly it's actually Birmingham UK 🇬🇧.


The video clearly shows some guy laying inside a 1t builders bag being lifted by a tower crane and being videoed by the crane operator.

the site appears to be a Watkins and Jones project on Sherlock street, Birmingham. lucky enough for the guy in the bag the lift went well but this could of ended very badly if the bag had split or had hit something on the way up.

hopefully lessons will be learned from this and some retraining for all involved on site, in the UK we have a very high standard of safety and stuff like this can't be happening on sites in 2023.

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B. S.
B. S.
10 nov 2023

Well, nothing can be said that hasn't already been yelled out 100's of times, stupid is as stupid allows.

Me gusta
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