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🚨🚨🚨UPDATE🚨🚨🚨 Saipem 7000 incident

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

A lifting accident has occurred on the semisubmersible crane vessel Saipem 7000 off the coast of Norway resulting in the ship listing, according to social media reports from the HRS Sor-Norge search and rescue centre at Stavanger.

No one has been injured and all personnel have been accounted for, but barges next to the crane vessel had suffered damage and capsized.

The Saipem 7000, originally named the Micoperi 7000, was conceived in the mid-1980s by its original owners Micoperi as a multipurpose offshore oil platform installation vessel that would be able to install very large oil production platform decks (known as integrated decks) as well as the decks' supporting structures (known as jackets) using its two very large fully revolving cranes Each with a capacity of 7,000t


A update on yesterdays load test incident onboard the Saipem 7000.


In the morning of today off the coast of Amoyfjorden (Norway), an incident occurred on the vessel Saipem 7000. After having completed DP trials as per DNV testing program, Saipem 7000 was performing the planned 5 years main cranes load test, under the attendance of the Classification Authority," Saipem said, also confirming that nobody was injured during the incident.

A badly damaged Manitowoc crawler crane

"Further to a preliminary assessment, it would appear that the main block wire broke during the test lifting operation and the testing load (two cargo barges) with the main block were released into the water.

"The unit, after an initial tilting caused by the load release, promptly returned in a stable position and safe condition. A crane assessment is ongoing," Saipem said.


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