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Putin allows the sale of Mammoet Russia 🇷🇺

With the Russian invasion of Ukraine back in 2022 Mammoet made the decision to halt any trading in the country, since then Mammoet's owner SHV have made the commercial decision to put the heavy lift company up for sell.

Back in February Dutch heavy lift and transport operator Mammoet has secured the Russian president's permission to sell its Russian business. And the new owners of the Russian arm of Mammoet will be Ashburn Offshore Engineering (Tianjin) Co., Ltd has received the green light to acquire 100% of Mammoet Rus LLC from Mammoet Europe Holding B.V. and Mammoet Holding B.V.

This will be a very interesting development over the next few years, Mammoet are considered to be one of the best in heavy lift and engineering with the technical knowledge and back up of its many experienced people around the world, and China is not known for its great technology or quality with many crane and construction accidents being published on social media it will be interesting to see the impact on the Russian oil and gas sector.


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