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Osprey heavy lift adds to a already strong management team 💪💪💪💪💪

As part of its expansion plans, Osprey Group has appointed Steven Lowth as its new Heavy Cranes Manager. Steven is joining the business with more than 8 years’ experience in the heavy lift industry gained from a range of companies where he has earned a great reputation and respect from clients, competitors, and operators.

Steven first became aware of Osprey some years ago. He was impressed by the team he was working with on-site, and the way Osprey presents itself to the market and takes care of its customers, he instinctively knew that this would be a good partnership – always striving to do better.


Again, as part of its commitment to future-proof a client-focussed business strategy, Osprey Group has also opened new premises in the UK, and is deploying its owner-operated heavy cranes, barges, and SPMTs in support of ever-more complex projects. Steven said: “I’m looking forward to working on a huge variety of projects, and to showing clients just how flexible and capable our heavy cranes are: we can configure and deploy them so many different ways to reduce project costs.”


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