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Liebherr introduces the LR1600/W replacement 💪

Liebherr has unveiled the successor to its successful 600-tonne LR 1600/2-W narrow track crawler crane. With more power and greater lifting height, the LR1700-1.0W offers the best prerequisites for efficient assembly of modern wind turbines in wind farms. To meet the challenging demands for driving and steering, Liebherr has equipped the crane's new narrow track travel gear with components from its next larger crane class. The new 700-tonner is now the benchmark for narrow track cranes worldwide.

Narrow track crawler cranes are optimised for use on wind farms: they can travel from one turbine to the next along the existing routes and be deployed very quickly. Liebherr developed the first narrow track lattice boom crawler crane 20 years ago, the LR 1400/2-W. However, in the intervening years wind turbine towers have become taller and wind power components heavier. For this reason, Liebherr launched the significantly more powerful LR 1600/2-W back in 2010, of which around 50 units are currently in operation worldwide. However, assembly of the latest generation of wind turbines now requires cranes with an even higher lifting capacity.


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