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🇬🇧Kings new cranes arrive🇬🇧

King Lifting has started taking delivery of some of the 19 cranes ordered in February this year and hasplaced a further order for additional units includingan LTM1230-5.1, LTM1090-4.1 and LTM1060-3.1 for delivery in Q1 2023.


Deliveries from the original 19-crane order have commenced and to date an LTM1650-8.1, LTM1350-6.1, LTM1150-6.2 and three LTM1060-3.1 models, have been delivered and have gone straight into service.


The eight-axle LTM 1650-8.1 is equipped with both 54m and 80m main boom options. The additional 21- to 91-metre luffing jib and Y-guying system enables hook heights up to 152 metres and radii up to 112 metres. Fixed jib operation is also possible within the specification for King Lifting. Hydraulic control of the VarioBallast® system is a standard feature for the LTM1650-8.1 allowing the ballast radii to be adjusted anywhere from 6.4m to 8.4m. Powered by Stage V engines, this crane also is equipped with VarioBase® ,ECOdrive and ECOmode.


To further strengthen its heavy crane rental fleet King Lifting has also recently taken delivery of an LTM1350-6.1 with a 70 main boom with y-guying system and a 78 metre luffing jib with adaptor to make up the maximum fixed jib of 42 metres.


In addition to the new heavy cranes added to the fleet another LTM1500-8.1 operating with stage 4 engine has been purchased to further support its clients working on infrastructure projects throughout the UK such as HS2.


The five-axle LTM1150-5.3 with double fly jib and VarioBase® has a 66-metre, seven-section main boom plus a bi-fold swingaway fly jib that offsets by up to 40 degrees. A seven-metre boom extension can also be added to push maximum tip height to almost 95 metres and maximum radius to 72 metres. The crane can travel in the UK with 29 tonnes of counterweight, double fly jib and hook block and stay within 16.5-tonne axle loads and has a maximum counterweight of 45 tonnes.


Powered by Stage V engines, the cranes are also be equipped with VarioBase®, ECOdrive and ECOmode. As with all King Lifting cranes over 100t, Liebherr’s engine shutdown system has been installed ensuringsafe operation in oil, gas and petrochemical applications.


Managing Director Tristan King said: ‘we are delighted to start taking delivery of cranes from our initial order with Liebherr, whilst also increasing the overall numberof units we operate throughout the UK to further support our valued and expanding client base.’


King Lifting is a family business established in 1982 byits chairman Bob King. It operates a fleet of more than 120 all-terrain, tower and crawler cranes with capacities from eight tonnes upwards available through a network of nine depots across the UK and Europe.

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