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German engineering at its finest 🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪

Just when you thought your crane couldn’t get any better the guys and girls at Liebherr go and release this, the brand new LTM1110-5.2.

The first thing you notice is the spanking new drivers front cab, completely redesigned with new technology and driver comforts. the new LTM is the first crane to be fitted with liebherr’s new LICCON3 computer control system, with new touch screen in the top operators cab.

one of the new features that Liebherr is boasting about is the pull down sun visor on the drivers door of the bottom cab but one of the more convenient and time saving new designs is the location of the BTT (remote control) this shows that at some point Liebherr designers have actually listened to customers and operators and placed the remote in a convenient location right near the door, well played Liebherr, well played.

Right now for a look at the inside of the completely new redesigned drivers cab.

A completely new, modern automatic heating and climate control system in both the driver’s and operator’s cabs guarantees comfortable working conditions. A sun sensor detects strong sunshine and automatically adjusts the heating settings. In addition to the standard radio with hands-free facility, a double DIN radio with extended functions and a cool box all to make operating this crane more enjoyable from the moment you leave the yard.

The updated lighting is another highlight – we have improved the lighting packages for the crane cabs, the superstructure, the rear of the vehicle, the front headlights and the telescopic boom as well as the lattice jibs. These now feature LEDs. LED equipment delivers a long service life and improved illumination.


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