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💪First Liebherr LTC1050-3.1E goes to Mammoet’s💪

The globally operating Dutch crane and heavy haulage company Mammoet has taken delivery of the first electrically driven Liebherr mobile crane.

The LTC 1050-3.1E is equipped with an electric motor in addition to the conventional drive. Crane movements can thus optionally be carried out using electricity. The new variant of the compact Liebherr 50-tonner thus contributes to CO2 reduction and meets the requirements for operation on "zero emission" construction sites.

The LTC 1050-3.1E is the first electrically powered hydraulic crane in the Mammoet fleet. Peter van Oostrom, Director Global Projects and Assets at Mammoet, explains the decision for the 50-tonner: "Cranes in the 50-tonne range are ideal for testing innovative technologies, as these machines are in operation for Mammoet around the clock. This allows us to offer new technologies to the largest possible number of customers and put them through their paces to quickly prove their suitability for everyday industrial use."


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