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🚨🚨Euro auction sell of M&M cranes🚨🚨

Euro Auctions, Europe’s largest auctioneers of industrial plant and heavy machinery, held a specialist one day ‘sale within a sale’ at its flagship auction site in Leeds on Wednesday 14th September. This special collection of cranes, which sold within the main auction, was a consignment of ex-rental mobile cranes and ancillary assets from M&M Crane Hire, as they retire from the industry


The line up of the M&M fleet

This much anticipated consignment of 22#ex-rental, well maintained mobile cranes included such makes as Tadano, Liebherr, Terex,Grove, and DAF, with models including 35T, 40T, 45T, 50T, 55T, 60T, 90T and 130T machines. The sale attracted a true international audience, and when presented in a line, with boom up, it was a great sight to behold.


The hammer total for this sale of the 22 mobile cranes was £4.6 million. In addition, the main crane inventory, there were additional ancillary items such as: rigging, spreader bars, beams, crane mats, outriggers pads, lifting chains, shackles,and hook blocks, in addition to commercial vehicles, trucks, HGVs, and small tools, which went under the hammer separately.




This auction attracted a true international audience, with bidders from around the globe participating in the sale. However, when the last hammer fell, it was evident that bidders from Europe were the most successful, with lots going to buyers in the UK, Republic of Ireland, Romania, and the Netherlands.


The results for the sale were as follows:

Tadano​ATF130G ​£555,000 ✅

Liebherr​LTM1090 ​£595,000✅

Liebherr​LTM1060 ​£540,000✅

Liebherr​LTM1055 ​£202,500✅

Liebherr​LTM1050 ​£177,500✅

Liebherr​LTC1045 ​£170,000✅

Liebherr​LTM1040 £362,500✅

Liebherr​LTM1040 ​£282,500✅

Liebherr​LTM1040 ​£282,500✅

Tadano​ATF40G £152,500✅

Tadano​ATF40G ​£152,500✅

Tadano​ATF40G ​£141,000✅

Tadano​ATF40G ​£140,000✅

Tadano​ATF40G £152,500✅

Terex​​AC40 ​£152,000✅

Terex​​AC40 ​£160,000✅

Terex​​AC40 ​£140,000✅

Terex​​AC40 ​£142,500✅

IHI​​CCH30T Tando ​Crawler Crane ​​​​​£7,500✅

Tadano​TM25Z-1​​All Terrain Tracked Spider Crane​​ £ 12,500✅


David Betts, from Euro Auctions, who was responsible for the sale comments

“This was a ‘sale within a sale’ and it attracted a true international audience. Normally Euro Auctions would have conducted a stand-alone ‘off site’ sale for an inventory such as this, but it was decided we would create more of a statement at our 85-acre Leeds auction site. With all 22 cranes from 35 tons to 130 tons, in a line with boom-up, it was a very impressive sight. There was a great amount of interest in this sale, and prices were strong. Whilst it is not often that large consignments of cranes of these specifications and sizes come to the market, Euro Auctions has gained a reputation for hosting these types of sales and are trusted to obtain best price for these specialised assets. Our partners trust us to attract an educated and knowledgeable global audience that buy cranes and lifting equipment.”


“In the last 5 years, Euro Auctions has conducted all the majorcrane and lifting sales in the UK and is regarded as the industry leader for the disposal of these types of assets at auction. We have a qualified database of international buyers that want this type of machinery, and we pre-market this type of consignment to qualified buyers from around the globe.”

🚨🚨🚨🚨Crane Hub's comment🚨🚨🚨🚨

While it's sad to see another British family run crane company stop trading M&M unlike the others recently didn't go bankrupt, they just called it a day, and with the rising costs of everything and other company's undercutting nobody can blame them. What is also nice is the family actually paid everyone before closing the doors.

We definitely think M&M made the right decision sending the cranes to Euro auction, David Betts who was in charge of this sale as well as the Quinto auction is becoming the go-to man within the crane and lifting industry, with his knowledge and global contact why wouldn't you?


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