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Crane drops blades into ocean

Turbine Parts Dropped Into Sea at Ormonde Offshore Wind Farm

We have been sent this video of a series incident of the coast of the UK which shows a large hub with blades being exchanged when it appears the lifting gear fails and the 126t load drops into the sea.

Locals in the area have been warned that debris could start to wash up along the coast line which will be mostly fibre glass fragment and large sections of blades.

There seems to be no damage to the ship ( MPI Adventurer) or injuries, even tho the Liebherr LTR1100 seems to be a near write off.

A statement from Vattenfall reads

“An incident during planned maintenance at Ormonde Offshore Wind Farm resulted in components falling into the sea. No-one was injured, but we alerted the relevant authorities immediately and we have launched a full investigation“, a spokesperson from Vattenfall said in a statement to

“In addition to determining what happened, our attention is focused on ensuring that any debris in the sea or washing up onshore is cleaned up as quickly as possible”.

Click the link below to view the video of the incident.

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