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Al Faris takes new rough terrains

Ask the team at Al Faris, and they will tell you that their new Tadano GR-800EX rough terrain crane features one crucial advantage above all: It meets all the requirements that industrial customers have for crane service providers, including excellent performance

characteristics, cutting-edge technology, high fuel efficiency, and the ability to flexibly work with various outrigger spreads. “The GR-800EX has all this and more, which is why it meets our needs perfectly,” explains Al Faris Executive Director KievePinto, who points to the Smart Chart system and the crane’s two-stage swing-around jib as specific examples. He then goes on to add that the high reliability of the GR-800EX, as well as the associated low maintenance costs, is something that the team at Al Faris finds invaluable.

“Thanks to these exceptional characteristics, our GR-800EX will quite literally pay for itself very quickly,” Executive Director Kieve Pinto assures. After all, the company has already decided on the crane’s future range of uses and will be using it for a variety of infrastructure projects.

The Al Faris Group has a long history tying it to the crane manufacturer. It has bought 149 cranes from Tadano since it was founded, with 29 of them being purchased in the last few years alone. “In addition to the exceptional products, we really value the way our work with Tadano is characterized by trust,” explains Executive Director Kieve Pinto.


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