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3 of the worlds largest STS cranes head state side 🇮🇪🇺🇸

If you live in Cobh, Ireland you will have noticed your skyline has changed for the last few months, this is due to the 3 monster Liebherr container cranes that have been built at Doyle’s ship yard. The cranes that when fully assembled will be 150m high are due to set sail for the port of New Jersey very soon.

The 3 cranes loaded onto the Big lift transport ship

Liebherr use the port facility based in Cork to assemble the 3 cranes with their own LR1600’s when the client doesn’t have the room on site, this way they can build and ship them with very minimal disruption to what is a busy port in America.

The Liebherr assembly facility in Cobh

the cranes are being transported partly assembled, as they will have to pass under the Bayonne Bridge connecting Bayonne in New Jersey with Staten Island, which has a clearance of 66 metres.

The upper structures - boom, beam and A-frame - will be shipped resting on the deck for the duration of the voyage.

The cranes were commissioned from Liebherr last year by US container terminal operator Maher Terminals, which is based in the Port of New York and New Jersey.

once the tidal connections are right, the transport ship will pass under the Bayonne Bridge - with a clearance of about 50cms - before it completes its short journey to Maher Terminals, where the cranes will be fully assembled and commissioned by a team from Liebherr in Killarney.


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