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2 new Liebherr’s for LEE lifting

It’s been a busy few months in West London where Lee Lifting Services are based. Hot on the heels of the LTM 1150, delivered in February, are two more new telescopic mobile cranes.

The new LTM1060 hitting the road

Liebherr has handed over the keys to an LTM 1060 with the LTM 1090 ones following soon after. Both cranes are fitted with VarioBase®, second winchand remote-control option. The 90-tonne model also comes with Varioballast®.

The three-axle LTM 1060 will be replacing a four-axle equivalent from a different manufacturer which has been in service since 2006 (and will now be moving on to the sunnier climes of Egypt). It features a six section 48 metre main boom topped by a 9.5 to 16 metre bi-fold lattice swingaway fly jib to offer a maximum tip height of 67.5 metres. This model will be predominantly destined for construction sites where its size makes it ideal for use by maintenance contractors.

The LTM 1090, on the other hand, is a four-axle model which actually makes it the first Liebherr of that capacity in Lee Lifting’s fleet. It features a 60-metre main boom, plus a 9.5 to 16 metre bi-fold swingaway fly jib with hydraulic offset 0 - 40 degrees to offer a maximum tip height of just under 80 metres. For Lee Lifting the major selling point of the LTM 1090 is how narrow it is compared to its rivals which makes it brilliant for use on restricted access film sets. It is also able to travel with up to 22.5 tonnes of counterweight and its swingaway fly jib within 16 tonnes, the axle loads permitted in the UK.

Jody Whitmore, Director of Lee Lifting, comments: “It’s the overall quality and servicing of the machines that brings us back to Liebherr each time we are in the market for something new. It’s also a real advantage when you have multiple machines from the same manufacturer as it means that our operators can move across machines with the same operating system. It’s for these reasons thatwe’ve just placed an order for a LTM 1230, due for delivery in early 2023 – we can’t wait!”

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Tony Fitt
Tony Fitt
Apr 27, 2022

We failed to mention, we also took delivery of the latest LTM 1150 5.1 too !

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